About Kate Rice

Kate Rice is an expert communications professional and freelance writer.

She is a creative strategist with 20+ years of experience leading the development of social and digital growth programs. Kate has a proven track record of working successfully with a wide variety of clients – from bootstrapped startups to Fortune 500 companies, including Cox Communications, Intel, and SeaWorld Digital. She is a media relations closer with 20 years of deep relationships with journalists and tastemakers in a wide variety of industry verticals. Kate is an engaged leader with a management philosophy that identifies, nurtures, and advances talented individuals. She is most proud of her employee retention rate of 75% over the previous 6 years.

As a freelance writer, her work has appeared in DollyMix (UK), BitchBuzz (UK), Broke Ass Stuart’s Goddamn Website, the Chicago RedEye, ChicagoNow, The Chicago Tribune, Wired: GeekMom, Bleeding Cool, Wizard World Digital, The Beat, and GeekNation, where she also hosted the weekly podcast “Comix Chix.”

Kate has appeared on Good Morning America, WGN Radio and a slew of geek related podcasts.

She lives in Chicago with her daughter, Peej and her dog, Max. Kate loves funny people, politics, cooking, traveling, Doctor Who, The Chicago Cubs and her Mother. Follow her on her personal blog, The Adorkable Grrl, Twitter @AdorkableGrrl, on Facebook, or on Instagram @theadorkablegrrl

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