Gulangyu App Description

Client Example #2

Brief: Client is an online book/music developer who was launching the third in a series of interactive digital children’s books. The task was to write an optimized app description for the App Store and Google Play that would help increase their ranking in their category.

Keywords: musical adventure, educational app, Gulangyu, conservation, book

Download Gulangyu and join our heroine, Xiao Rui, and her friends Na Na the parrot and Henry the baby dragon on a magical, musical adventure to learn about conservation and save the planet. The eight chapter book tells the story of how children can make a difference in the quest to save the planet through reducing, reusing, and recycling.

This is the seventh educational app from the award-winning company Happy Diamond Music Studio. The app aims to teach children ages 4+ about conservation while providing them the tools to make a difference in the real world. The story features six original songs by renowned composer, Shirley Choi.

When Xiao Rui discovers that her home, Gulangyu (an island off the coast of southeastern China and a UNESCO Heritage Site) is in danger from a gigantic wave that has been caused by global climate change, she is tasked by Riyanshi, the Earth Fairy to undertake an epic journey to stop the wave and learn how she and other children can stop global warming from destroying the planet.

In the 80-minute story, Xiao Rui and her companions travel to the Amazon rainforest, icebergs in Greenland, solar farms floating in a lake that used to be a coal mine, and landfills where scientists perform climate research. They see the effects of climate change up-close and personal and vow to change the path the Earth is on by spreading the word about conservation.

Featuring beautiful original artwork, music your kids will want to sing along to, and a bilingual story (English and Chinese) – Gulangyu is a great opportunity for parents and teachers to start a conversation with even their youngest learners about their own carbon footprint and how they can impact stopping climate change.

Conservation has never been as important as it is now, so download Gulangyu today and help kids understand how they can start saving the planet.

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